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"I signed up for the Rajasthan Relief Ride and showed up in Delhi to find every sense bombarded with exotic new sights, sounds and smells. In those first moments, I was slightly apprehensive! It was shortly after check-in that I realized the power of this trip is stepping into the unknown, relinquishing all fears and allowing the journey to unfold as it will.

For two weeks we rode incredible Marwari horses across the desert, volunteered at remote hospitals and schools, and met the most appreciative, gracious people. We enjoyed daily siestas, delicious food and fireside chats with our fellow riders. I signed up for an adventurous vacation but somewhere in the Rajasthan desert found myself on a magical journey.

I returned stateside to find myself forever altered precisely because I did step into the uncertainty. And I came home feeling more alive because of it."

Heather Ferrell, Relief Rider

Since 2004, Relief Riders International has run humanitarian-based adventure travel trips in Rajasthan, "the land of kings", northwestern India. Rajasthan is the largest state in India and is home to some 68 million people.

Click this photo to see images of some of the places we visit in Rajasthan

25 million people in Rajasthan do not know how to read and write.

21 million people in Rajasthan live below the international poverty live of $1.25 a day.