Relief Riders International is a humanitarian-based, adventure travel company that creates horseback and motorcycle journeys through remote, rural areas while providing humanitarian aid to local people. Since 2004 we have been able to improve the lives of over 25,000 people, including 18,700 children in India, Turkey, and Ecuador.

"What a profound and uplifting journey! Relief Riders International has crafted the perfect travel adventure. A rich sense of purpose, a humanitarian mission delivering goats to impoverished villagers, school supplies to hundreds of students, participating in dental and medical camps - it was awesome!" — Peg Steley, Relief Rider   read more...

August 2017 Andes/Amazon Relief Ride

This August, discover Ecuador's spectacular beauty and ancient spirituality on the back of a Criollo horse. Over 13 days, we'll journey across valleys and paramos against the backdrop of the snow-capped Andes, fly to the Amazon to experience the mystical properties of the jungle, and relax in hot thermal pools in the shadow of Ecuador's otherworldly volcanoes. Along the way, we'll work in conjunction with the Ecuadorian Red Cross to set up a two-day medical camp, offering dentistry, eye care, CPR training and obstetrics treatment to the both the people of Piñan in the Andes and the Sapara tribe in the Amazon. read more >

At the foothills of the Andes Mountains, we'll spend our mornings sipping coca tea in storied 17th century haciendas, while the rest of our days will be spent traversing stunning valleys at 9600 feet. In between riding through miles of swirling grasslands, visiting a condor sanctuary, and touring a famed free-trade coffee plantation, we'll deliver much-needed dental and obstetrics care to a remote village in the sky.

In the Amazon Rainforest, as guests of the Sapara tribe, known as the "healers" of the jungle, we'll learn firsthand about traditional medicine, the wisdom of the forest, and have the opportunity to take part in shamanic ceremonies. We'll kayak and swim in the river, hike with indigenous guides, exchange gifts with the community and gather around the fire with the elders in the evening. Even with so much to see and do, there will be ample time to rest, whether in a hammock serenaded by the jungle chorus, or in one of the therapeutic thermal pools on our way back to Quito.

August 11 - 23, 2017

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November 2017 Pushkar Relief Ride

The Pushkar Relief Ride combines giving back with the opportunity to experience India from a truly unique perspective. This 14-day journey on horseback will take us through the ancient landscape of the Thar Desert, from the ancient settlement of Baghsara to the sacred village of Pushkar, ending at the famous Pushkar Fair. read more >

Like the desert nomads of the region, we'll ride due south, traveling seemingly endless sand tracks through breathtaking terrain, from rolling dunes to open plains, to a mountain pass through a steep gorge, before arriving in the valley of Pushkar. On the way, we'll pass through villages, which travelers rarely experience, let alone on horseback. We'll sleep under the starlit sky in canvas covered tents at night, and during the days, we'll hand out educational materials to underserved schools, conduct our Give A Goat program, and set up medical camps which provide dental, eye and obstetrics care to populations lacking healthcare.

In Pushkar, on the banks of the lake, Rajasthan's largest camel fair awaits. One of the most sacred pilgrimage destinations for Hindus in India, the usually sleepy Pushkar transforms into a spectacle of color and celebration around November's full moon with livestock traders descending to buy and sell camels, cattle and horses. But the real fun begins when the games kick off. Think camels brightly adorned in costume racing to the finish line, the drama of only the finest Marwari horses dancing, and the infamous longest mustache competition and Hindu bridal pageant. All in all, the perfect end to a memorable and transformative experience.

October 19 - November 2, 2017

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