Day 1: February 19th, Thursday
Arrive in Delhi and spend the night at a beautiful boutique hotel, or similar.

Day 2: February 20th, Friday
Enjoy the morning at your leisure and the afternoon sightseeing on a guided tour of New Delhi. After an early dinner we will depart for the train station where we will board the overnight train to Pokran.

Day 3: February 21st, Saturday
The Nagaur region's splendid palaces, beautiful and richly sculptured temples of red and yellow sand stones display some of the finest creations of Rajput civilization. The ancient cultural history of The Silk road peppers Rajasthan's serene and vibrant landscape with ancient forts and villages.

Sunrise transfer via coach from Pokran Station to Pokran Fort for an introductory breakfast to RRI and its 14 day program. This ancient and elegant fort will serve as our initial base camp and departure point for the Relief Ride. After lunch and light refreshments in the late afternoon we'll gather around to meet the horses for a casual ride through the breathtaking landscape that surround Pokran Fort.

Day 4: February 22nd, Sunday
Ride through marvelous desert sand flats to our first camp in Sawanreej. There is a good possibility of sighting herds of camels, the area is known to have them. Be on the lookout for the gamboling baby-camels, which make a very enchanting sight! Overnight in tented camp on outskirts of Sawanreej.

Day 5: February 23rd, Monday
Morning visit to a school in Sawanreej to perform our pediatric program and deliver educational materials to school children. After lunch, we will deliver livestock to families in Sawanreej.

Day 6: February 24th, Tuesday
Ride from Sawanreej to Cheela. Riding through this dune filled area; we may see several Chinkara gazelles and if we're lucky, also come across the Desert Fox. This beautiful region is home to the Bishnoi tribe, who are known as conservationists as the preservation of animal and vegetable life is a religion and has been so from the early 15th century. Overnight in tented camp Cheela.

Day 7: February 25th, Wednesday
We will ride to the local school in Cheela in the morning, where we will hold a pediatric camp providing much needed educational supplies to the students at the school. We will be distributing livestock to the villagers living below poverty level in the village square in the early afternoon, Overnight in tented camp on outskirts of Cheela.

Day 8: February 26th, Thursday
Ride from Cheela to Ishru. The terrain here is sandy and soft, excellent footing for long paced canters. As we approach Ishru, there may be opportunities for breathtaking desert views of Blue Bulls and large sand dunes. Overnight in tented camp on the outskirts of Ishru.

Day 9: February 27th, Friday
We plan to ride into Ishru and visit a school in order to deliver educational materials to school children in the morning. After lunch we will enjoy a leisurely afternoon at camp. Prepare yourself for fun and games in the evening with our famed "Ball & Bucket" races! From the start of the ride, you will be drawn into the fun, humor and competition that this day brings out! This dynamic afternoon is highly attended by the local community and provides a wonderful opportunity to leisurely interact with them. Overnight in tented camp on the outskirts of Ishru.

Day 10: February 28th, Saturday
Enjoy a vibrant and colorful ride from Ishru to Deu. We will travel through an area of large sand dunes. These Dunes heat up very quickly, making for an early departure. For lunch we will seek refuge under a cluster of desert trees to have lunch and rest. Overnight in tented camp on the outskirts of Deu.

Day 11: March 1st, Sunday
Prepare for a day of purposeful and heartfelt work as we conduct our Free Eye Surgery camp, offering free cataract surgeries to the people of Deu. RRI's Eyel camp will open its doors at 10.00 am and will close by 3.00 or until the last patients have been treated. Overnight in tented camp on the outskirts of Deu.

Day 12: March 2nd, Monday
Enjoy a breath taking ride through the desert from Deu to Nagaur Fort. We'll overnight in the historic Ahhichatragarh Fort, also known as The Nagaur Fort, nestled on the edge of the great Thar Desert. This incredible testament to both aesthetic and defensive architecture was built in two different periods by Mughal Kings Shah Jahan and Akbar. It's battle-scarred walls and 28 turrets provide evidence of its glorious past, and today this fort ranks amongst the premier of classified Heritage Hotels of India. The scope and beauty of this fort is unique and unparalleled.

Day 13: March 3rd, Tuesday
Early departure from Nagaur Fort to Jaipur via AC coach 5-6 hours drive. Enjoy the late afternoon at your leisure relaxing at the hotel pool or shopping in Jaipur. Overnight Mandawa Haveli, Jaipur.

Day 14: March 4th, Wednesday
Check out by 12.00. Post lunch departure by coach to Delhi/transfer to airports for return flights.

End Of Program


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Meeting Point:
New Delhi, India
Length of Ride:
14 days, 11 days of riding
Riding Ability:
Group Size:
Minimum 8, Maximum 12
Riding per day:
4-6 hours
English Trekking
Weight Limit:
220 lbs
February 19th - March 4th, 2015
Single Supplement:

Relief Rides

** We welcome novice riders, slower riders can ride alongside the caravan. Riders may choose to finish any segment by riding in our accompanying jeep. If you have a member of your party who would like to join the trip but is not a rider, RRI can make provisions for him/her to accompany us in the jeep.

What is included in the price of the trip?

• Inland transfers to and from arrival airport

• Lodging. Tour cost is per person, based on double occupancy. We do have limited availability for single occupancy, with a supplemental fee.

• All humanitarian programs on scheduled itinerary.

• All meals

• Taxes and gratuities, excluding all taxes at overseas airports.

• All scheduled entertainment

• All fees in regards to the humanitarian aspect of the trip


What is NOT included in the price of the trip?

• Airfare to and from our designated arrival/departure airport

• All unscheduled excursions to markets or other places such sights that are not on the scheduled itinerary.

• Snacks, beverages and incidentals other than meals provided.


Travel Requirements

India offers both extraordinary opportunities and challenges. It is large, pulsing with energy and ever-changing drama, a feast for the senses. If you can appreciate the unexpected, you will quickly come to love it.

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A person applying for a visa must have a passport that will be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of the date of their intended departure from India. So make sure to renew your passport if it is due to expire within that period of time.

Tourist Visas

Entry visas for tourists are generally issued for six months from the date of issue. If you intend to visit neighboring countries and re-enter India, ask for a six months visa with a request for multiple entries.

To find the Indian Embassy or Mission nearest you and for the most reliable information about visas, please visit the Consular Passport & Visa Division of the Indian government.


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