Chanod, Rajasthan, India, February 25 - March 10, 2014

Day 1: February 25th
Arrive in Delhi and spend the night at a Boutique Hotel or similar.

Day 2: February 26th
Relax the morning away at your leisure in and around your hotel. Enjoy Delhi's beautiful sights and sounds with an afternoon tour of the city. In the evening we will depart for the Thar Desert on the overnight train to Jodhpur.

Day 3: February 27th
Sunrise arrival in the" Blue City" of Jodhpur. The city, once the capital of the former princely state of Marwar and an important stop on the ancient Silk Road boasts lively color and culture. We will transfer via coach to Sardar Samand Fort for an introductory breakfast to RRI and its 14 day program. Built in 1894 this Majestic Fort will serve as our initial base camp and departure point for the Relief Ride. Stroll around touring the fort, after light refreshments in the afternoon we'll gather around to meet the horses for a casual afternoon ride.

Day 4: February 28th
We'll depart after a healthy breakfast for Hemawas. The ride will take us through a sprawling moonscape of rock outcroppings and vast plains as we ride alongside the Aravelli Hills. We will break for a peaceful and relaxing lunch at a very old temple. Expect to see a wide array of wildlife such as Chinkara's, Black Buck and Blue Bulls. We will overnight at our tented encampment on the outskirts of Kherwa.

Day 5: March 1st
We plan to ride into Hemawas and visit a school in order to treat school children as well as deliver educational materials in the morning. After lunch we will return to the village and distribute livestock to the villagers who qualify for our Give a Goat program. We will spend the night at our tented encampment on the outskirts of Hemawas.

Day 6: March 2nd
We'll ride from Hemawas to Banta. Along the way we may see the khejri trees commonly found in this district. The Khejri tree's leaves provide fodder for livestock, and it also gives gum, both of which have commercial value. The Khejri tree has been traditionally protected by the Bishnois of Rajasthan, for its value in checking soil erosion. Overnight in tented encampment on the outskirts of Banta.

Day 7: March 3rd
Prepare for a day's worth of heartwarming and purposeful work as we conduct both our Give the Gift of Sight and Dental care program in the village of Baanta. We plan on screening eye patients in order to qualify them for free eye surgeries as well as treat those in need of dental care. The camp will open its doors at 10.00 am and will close by 4.00 or until the last patients have been screened or treated. We will overnight at our tented encampment on the outskirts of Baanta.

Day 8: March 4th
The ride from Banta to Khor will take us through a range of varied terrain from sandy dunes to farmed millet fields. The landscape is peppered with Sāmbhar deer, water buffaloes and exotic birds such as King Fishers and Pelicans. Experience an intimate view of these beautiful animals as they visit the water hole from the decks of your tents. Overnight in our tented encampment on the edge of Khor.

Day 9: March 5th
Enjoy the village of Khor as we de-worm children at the local school. Enjoy a post lunch leisure afternoon. Prepare for fun and games as we play Ball and Bucket a wonderful race between horse and rider, where the object of the game is to put 5 tennis balls into a bucket which are positioned on the other side of the field. Caution: This game is highly addictive and competitive! If Ball and Bucket is a bit too fast paced for your enjoy yourself and your horse in a game of Musical horses! Overnight in our tented encampment on the edge of Khor.

Day 10: March 6th
The ride from Khor to Dhani will take us through more fascinating terrain punctuated by large crumbling rock formations. When the sun reaches its highest point, making the desert feel like an anvil, we will seek refuge under a cluster of desert trees to have lunch and rest. At the end of our days ride we will overnight in our tented encampment on the outskirts of Dhani.

Day 11: March 7th
We will ride into Dhani for our educational program at the local school. After a wonderful lunch at camp we will return to the village for our Give a Goat program, where specially selected villagers will receive their goats. The evening will be spent in camp at our leisure. Overnight at our tented encampment on the outskirts of Dhani.

Day 12: March 8th
We will depart Dhani for Chanod. This leg of the ride is stunning as it takes us through breathtaking landscape of large rock outcroppings and dunes shouldering the Aravelli hills. We will overnight in Chanod at The Chanod Fort.

Day 13: March 9th
We will depart early for a 6-7 hour drive via AC coach to Jaipur, where we will check into the Mandava Haveli Hotel and have tea upon arrival followed by dinner in the evening. Enjoy the gardens and pool should we happen to arrive at our hotel earlier than expected. Overnight at Mandava haveli Jaipur

Day 14: March 10th
Travel by coach from Jaipur to Delhi for transfer to airports for return flights home or onward.


Join us on the 2014 Chanod Relief Ride

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Meeting Point: New Delhi, India

Length of Ride: 14 days. 11 days of riding

Riding Ability: Beginner/Novice/Strong

Group Size: Minimum 8, Maximum 12

Riding per day: 4-6 hours

Pace: **Slow/Moderate/Fast

Tack: English Trekking

Horses: Marwari

Weight Limit: 200 lbs

Dates: February 25th - March 10th, 2014

Price: $7450

Single Supplement: $1,100

** We welcome novice riders, slower riders can ride alongside the caravan. Riders may choose to finish any segment by riding in our accompanying jeep. If you have a member of your party who would like to join the trip but is not a rider, RRI can make provisions for him/her to accompany us in the jeep.


What is included in the price of the trip?

• Inland transfers to and from arrival airport

• Lodging. Tour cost is per person, based on double occupancy. We do have limited availability for single occupancy, with a supplemental fee.

• All meals

• Taxes and gratuities, excluding all taxes at overseas airports.

• All scheduled entertainment

• All fees in regards to the humanitarian aspect of the trip

What is NOT included in the price of the trip?

• Airfare to and from our designated arrival/departure airport

• All unscheduled excursions to markets or other places such sights that are not on the scheduled itinerary.

• Snacks, beverages and incidentals other than meals provided.

Travel Requirements

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Tourist Visas

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